About Us

Established in 1998 in Melbourne, the Ocean King Group (“Ocean King”) has prided itself as a 100% Australian owned and operated company. It is now one of the suppliers to world-leading travel retailer chains and multinational pharmacies in the Asia Pacific with multiple brands.

Australian Antarctic Ocean Bio-Technology Pty Ltd, a member of the Ocean King Group, is licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) for health & wellbeing products and is a member of Australian Made® organization. Utilizing unique natural resources in Australia and the rest of the world, Ocean King has been able to provide its customers with natural and healthy products, which are featured as “Australian standard”, “Australian quality”.

Our Product Range

Our main product range includes health & wellbeing, milk powder, UMF® Manuka honey and skincare.

  • Health & wellbeing: In strict compliance with TGA regulations, all productions comply with GMP standard;
  • Milk powder: Australian milk powder, packed in Australia with Australian Food Safety Standard;
  • New Zealand Manuka honey: UMF® grading & New Zealand Food Safety Risk Management System (RMP) accredited, tested by independent laboratory;
  • Skincare: Australian Made, Australian standard;

Our Coverage

Through the years Ocean King has developed highly recognized and well-known brands across Australia, China, Singapore and Indonesia. They become one of the top choices for multinational customers for superior quality, well-known brands and very nice packaging. These brands include Southpole Oceanking®, Organicer®,  TOPO® and LAMBO®.

Ocean King has become one of the leaders in the industry, which thanks to its sophisticated quality control system, capacity to supply on time and the ability to keeping abreast of market trend and high credit among its business partners. Its products are hot sales in the nine major international airport duty-free stores in Asia Pacific Region including Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Cairns, Bali and Hong Kong. We also supply to leading pharmacy and retailer chains, including Guardian, Watsons, Metro and John Little in Singapore and Watson-Nuance in Hong Kong.

Ocean King has always regarded mainland China as one of its utmost important markets. Over the years we have successfully expanded into this vast market. Our main product ranges including health & wellbeing, milk powder, UMF® Manuka honey and skincare are highly sought after and well recognized by local Chinese around the country for the superior quality and well-known brands.

Our Commitment

We are committed to serving our domestic and worldwide customers with health and beauty solutions by providing Australia & New Zealand quality and standard products.